About Us


Maureen Geiger is the President of Geiger Vision. Maureen has an insider's understanding of the Architecture and Construction world- with an experienced history of working for both sides of the building process. She knows what is required of you and your job- and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Geiger Vision is a full service Exterior Envelope Contractor. Geiger serves the needs of several aspects of the Architectural Community with the following services.

Product Exposure and Education: Geiger Vision understands the constant need for Contractors and Architects to stay up to date on what's new. Geiger is readily available for office consultations. Geiger also offers AIA accredited courses.

Budget and Design Consultation: By offering insight into only the most time-tested products, Geiger is a trusted source that the architectural community can depend on for their design assessment and budgetary needs.

Project Bid/Estimation: Contractors can be confident that the Proposals they receive from Geiger Vision are complete and thorough, utilizing appropriate products for the work scope. With thought to the complete process, contractors can be confident in Geiger's bids.

Contracting/Project Management: Geiger takes pride in their pro-active and knowledgeable customer service. Geiger knows that collaborative problem-solving as a contractor is integral to smooth management.